Monday, February 1, 2010

i i

My letter eye on my laptop has been playng up all evenng. I have to ht t really hard but t stll doesn't appear and eye use t so many tmes n a sentence that eye am really lost wthout t.

But, then eye read somewhere recently that people are able to understand a sentence and a word even when a lot of the letters are mssng. Our brans are just able to compute the word and make sense of what we are seeng.

Hmmmm...not sure that eye beleve that really.

Eye mean does the above text even make sense wthout the letter eye?



  1. A missing 'eye' could mean a whole lot of trouble, in the appearance of things I would say. But then again who am I to say?

  2. Yes I guess so - just as well It's the i and not the eye! LOL

    My I seems to have repaIred Itself so all Is well