Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A guest post by Emma Tobin

This is a poem written by my daughter Emma. Emma is 15 and she is the most talented writer, as yet undiscovered but something tells me that 2013 is her year. This is a poem she wrote following our failed attempts at sending Chinese lanterns skywards on New Year's Eve 2012:


We flail beneath a starless sky
Lit with bright dots burning
Sending wishes high

But ours are soggy
Weighed down by reality
too close for comfort

Flames lick at our hands
Even as the cold bites
them from behind

To spite the inevitable
With that priceless determination
We shout ‘bring it on’

Wind blows
Flame flickers
Damp dissolves
Our hopes and our dreams

But with great resolve
we send them high with our
blazing hearts soaring
Far from the reach of reality

Emma Tobin
January 2013

Copyright: Emma Tobin 2013

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