Monday, February 10, 2014


I watch you through the window of my soul 

Angel of nameless grace

Through the twisted tangle of my heart
I will wait for you beyond

Summer fingers dapple on my shuddering shoulders 

The lines that time has forgotten
Leaves whisper your voice into my ears as I cling
To the chandelier of my life

I am as a changing day, wanting in all aspects
But that of blissful hope
The burst of cherries on the tongue of a waking hour 

When I will sleep
Spread out on a bed of clouds, staring
Across the spaces
As my body spills onto the world below
And I am nought but rain or snow
Forgotten words on aging lips, a memory of a day Full of hope and raining death. 

Emma Tobin 2013 

Copyright @ Emma Tobin 

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