Sunday, September 7, 2014

To Autum and Flu Season

To Autum and Flu Season by Brenda Drumm 

SEASON of mists and mellow flueyness 
Coughs, colds and sore throats 
Conspiring to make me bark and sneeze
  Despite lemsip, paracetamol and dissolvable disprin 
Despite flu jabs, vitamin c and Manuka honey 
Despite old wives' remedies and flat 7up 
    You swell my glands and plump up my nose 
You dry my skin 
And block my bronchial tubes
Make my eyes stream and tear up 
Create mountains of Mucus and swollen nasal membranes  
 Until I think my dripping nose will never cease 
  Oh yes the flu has o'er-brimm'd my clammy cells.  
Who hath not seen this strand of flu coming? 
Where is my immunity? 
 I am drowsy from the fumes of Vicks vapour rub 
Semi unconscious from the odour of Olbas oil 
    You sit and watch my oozings hour by hour. 
Where are the songs of Spring?
Where is our Indian Summer? 
Am I now at the mercy of Autumnal change and Winter weariness? 

Hot water bottle and heat pads to keep me warm 
Ice packs and cold drinks five minutes later 
I'm overheating 
Do I stuff this cold? 
Should I starve my fever? 

Must have lots of fluids
Must eat a little of what I fancy 
Must have Lucozade and multivitamins 
Mustn't have lemsip as well as paracetamol 
Must sleep 

I'm sinking into a duvet day 
Dosed up 
Choked up 
Blocked up 
Chest and nose are whistling 
Not really a lullabye
But I finally
Drift off
Into another season of mist and not so mellow flueyness 

Copyright: Brenda Drumm 
7 September 2014 

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  1. I love autumn, but I also hate the flu season that comes along with it. It's sad that you got it this early and I do hope that you get well soon. Don't forget to take lots of fluids, and of course the classic chicken soup. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Take care!

    Penny Byrd @ NCEENT