Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Permission slips

I have been signing them since she was born 
For registrations 
For injections 
And vaccinations 
For baptism 
For health insurance inclusion 

I have been signing them since she started school 
Permission to go home early 
Permission for school tours
For the annual school photo 
For trips to the library 
And the panto
For scouting trips 

I have been signing them since she moved into secondary school 
For examinations 
For school tours 
And retreats 
For work experience in TY 
For trips with the law team 
The debating team 
And the team building up a mountain team 
For cinema trips with the history and English class 
For permission to leave early 
Permission to access her locker when traffic kept us late 
And To be absent for a day 

I have been signing them for passports 
for day trips 
For college open days 
To get her a bank account 
A CAO registration form 
And permission to record for radio 
For all sorts of miscellaneous reasons 

On 4 April 2015 I will sign my last permission slip 
She turns 18 on the 5th 
She's an adult
A college student 
Free to vote 
To move out 
To find her place in the world 

I'm so proud of her as she turns 18 
And of finally being free of permission slips 
But in a way I will miss 
Signing them! 


Copyright: Brenda Drumm 

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