Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hanging in there with Myeloma

I received a heart breaking email last night from a Mother whose son aged 30 has been diagnosed with myeloma. It's a shocking diagnosis to receive at any age but especially aged 30. I was very upset reading the email, imagining what he will have to go through and hoping that he has the physical and mental strength to get through it and to believe that he can win. I was very moved and upset to by the Mother's pain and anguish and I imagined how I would feel if I had to deal with a diagnosis like this in one of my children.

When I was diagnosed with myeloma I was so grateful that it was me who had received the diagnosis and not one of my children!

Recently I had been wondering if I should just move on and leave the myeloma work to others. Other people I know who were involved in myeloma support groups have moved on as they feel they don't need the group anymore. I was wondering should I move off myself and let others deal with the phone calls and emails that I get on a daily and weekly basis.

When I received the email last night, it was a like a sign to me to stick with it - others need to hear from me and about me. They need to know that it is possible to fight myeloma and come out the other side. This mother needs to hear me and see me so that she can have hope that her handsome son can beat it!

The email last night also reminded me of the day I was diagnosed and how much I would have liked to have spoken to someone: someone who had been through it, someone who could show me that it can be done, someone to show me there is life after cancer - someone like me!

So I will stick with it. I will keep taking the calls and receiving the emails and thanks to the Irish Cancer Society, I will now [hopefully] receive proper training so as I have professional standards as well as personal experience to draw on.

So to anyone
- feeling down this morning
- feeling angry about traffic or something else
- feeling annoyed with someone
- moaning about first world problems


Take five minutes, five seconds even to thank God for your health and the health and the love of your family.

Brenda xx

31 January 2012 

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  1. You are very strong, I could not imagine what it would be like to go through such moments.